Allie X lança “Cape God”, seu novo álbum de estúdio; ouça

Na madrugada dessa sexta-feira (21) a cantora e compositora Allie X iniciou mais um passo importante em sua carreira ao lançar seu novo álbum de inéditas. O novo trabalho da artista se chama “Cape God” e possui participações de Troye Sivan e Mitski.

Com texto emocionante, Allie X publicou uma carta para seus fãs em sua conta no Instagram. A cantora dedica seu novo trabalho como um convite a aceitação e celebração das diferenças que cada pessoa possui.

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I haven't ever spoken about it publicly (though I have alluded to it many times in my work), but just before high school, I became ill with a debilitating autoimmune disease, which ultimately shaped the person/artist I am now.  Trying to deal with immense pain and shame on a daily basis, I felt a complete detachment from my physical body (which felt out of control), and dissociated from my emotions. I wasn't able to cry or talk about what I was going through at all (it’s kind of blowing my mind that I’m doing it now ha). The thought of having a romantic relationship and showing myself to someone was hilarious and absurd to me.  My focus was making sure no one knew: about the constant razors in my stomach feeling, hospitalizations, crazy drugs I was being put on and all the symptoms they were causing… I wanted people to see me as strong and able (which was a challenge as I was tiny and pale lol). And I wanted to be able to pursue my dreams of being an artist (which doctors told me was crazy at the time). It's still hard for me to discuss honestly… sometimes I find public figures oversharing their trauma a bit cringey depending on the context.  But, this feels important to those who want to know my story and can perhaps find strength in it. I no longer feel ashamed of my struggles as I used to.  If anything, I feel protective over her. My younger self, who lived for 10+ years feeling like she was cursed for something she must have done wrong. "Cape God"  is an exploration of various experiences she went through when she didn't have a voice.  This record is dedicated to her and to you.  You, who can’t find simple words to explain your pain. You who feel like an outsider for life. You who feel disconnected from your body and dissociated from your feelings. You who the boys make fun of. You with the pot belly. You with the buck teeth. You who are told you can’t, but deep down inside know you can. You who are ‘sick’. You who dream quietly. May you find solace in this record and in your own arms. ?? ? @burtoo

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